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SODIC Offers New Innovative Finishing Solution to Property Market

SODIC Offers New Innovative Finishing Solution to Property Market
Six of October Development and Investment (SODIC) introduced a new innovative finishing solution to the Egyptian market, named FlexiFinish,” offering its clients an almost-finished unit at a reduced cost and more flexibility of putting the final touches to their own taste, This comes in line with the launch of its upscale apartment buildings, “V Residences,” situated within its residential project Villette in New Cairo, according to a press release on May 28. “The FlexiFinish solution entails the unit being delivered with the bulk of finishing works completed and ready for the final phase of finishing – painting and tiling – using hassle-free mechanisms, giving clients the freedom to choose their palettes and materials, catering to the taste and needs of a wider segment of clients,” the company stated. The new offering comes at a less expensive price than a fully-finished unit, while reducing the cost and time needed for finishing works and eliminating the inconvenience resulting from such process for both residents and neighbors at large. However, the new product will be offered to selected projects for the time being. Commenting on the new solution, SODIC’s Managing Director Magued Sherif said, “The launch of FlexiFinish is one of many innovative initiatives in the pipeline, intended to offer our clients a distinguished experience and also serves to expedite occupancy of our developments and grow our communities

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